Child's Drawing

Analyses of the child’s drawing 

As teacher of drawing and crafts, I specialized myself during my study in an investigation to the analyses of the children’s drawing. All my experiences so far, I have processed in a reading. In this lecture I let you see all stages of development of the children’s drawing. Then I give an explanation about how to make good analyses of the drawings of your own child. I do this on basis of drawings that I have collected in the past. I show them with a power-point presentation. On the basis of images I take you through the stories these children tell us in their drawings. The drawing is the mirror of everyone’s soul. The drawing is therefore a very good tool in recognizing problems.
After the lecture there is a possibility for parents, carers and teachers to dig deeper on personal questions. Before I come to give the lecture, I always give an assignment for the children of the institution that invites me, to make a drawing. These drawings will be exhibited at the time of the reading. After or during the reading I can go deeper on these drawings.

Costs for 1,5 hour reading € 65,- (excl. travel costs).