About me

Education and experience

As you can read on my homepage, I am graduated at the teachers academy in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). I have my second degree to teach an arts and crafts. Since my graduation I gave lessons in creativity centres, in the district area of Zwolle-South (I was head teacher and founder of "Kunstgroep Assorti") and at my private studio at home.

Since May 2002 I moved with my family to Steenwijk, in the district "De Woldmeethe" where I also started to give art lessons. Nowadays I only give lessons at my private studio Atelier Assorti. Assorti means: versatility. The versatility you can find back in all the different techniques I use for example: soft pastels, watercolour, H2Oil or Cobra paint (both oil paint on water base) and mixed media.  I work with gels and paste to make material art. Look under "techniques" for more explanation.

There is also a lot of versatility available in the sub I can teach you in, such as: portrait/models, landscape, flowers, buildings, city views, animals, fairytales, cartoons and caricatures. I work realistic as well as abstract, this depends on the mood I want to give the painting or which fits in the meanings of my clients. You can find photos of my work the gallerie pages. Also I give workshops on primary schools for children in the art weeks in the age of 4 till 12 years and I give lessons at the after school childcare centres.

In between the cources periods, I paint a lot for private customers or business. For example I painted during a period of 10 years for a big insurance company Unive. I painted most of their Dutch offices in watercoulor. I keep myself informed about the newest materials and techniques. I followed several masterclasses over the year at the Royal Talens factory art studio and stay informed by reading several art magazines.

I also give lectures about the "analyses of the childrens drawings" at parenal meetings at schools and childcare centres. For more information see page "analyses childrens drawing"