Intuitive painting workshop

"Deliberately painting in the present"

Nothing is a must, everything is possible, as free as a child with the consciousness of an adult.That is the beauty of this way of painting. You express what is living inside you thats whats making this way of painting an explorational journey. By painting you wil come completely in the moment and close to yourself. we will make a connection to your feelings and art and in this way we express the sound of your heart. We can feel it and make it visible.

Dare to be yourself

Making a painting in this way is an engaging, inspiring and creative exploration within yoyrslef. It is a challenge and gives you the oppertunity to reflect different sides of yourself. To your own surprise you will see images in there. You are going to recognize them as themes from your inner world.

Purpose: in spite of the mental atmosphere, you will express casual and free and as a result you will find the unexpected and new inspirations. we take it as it comes and don't think about the end result. hereby we trust that during the process something will arise that moves you simply because its from your essence.

Target: audience: anyone who wants to make freer and more whimsical paintings. You are encouraged to experiment with your inner curiosity. Experience is definitely not necessary.

Program: in advance there is some instruction and meditation that leads'... to the silence within yourself. We will discuss the operation of the spirit and the characteristics of the left and right side of the brain hemispheres. But most of all we just paint.

Guidance: I will guide you through the process. Due to my vast experience (almost 30 years now) as a art teacher and many experience with Yoga and Reiki. I now feel called to take a new path with this special workshops in order to deepen my personal development as a human being. My personal versatile qualities make the accompaniment complete and unique. Add to that a dose of enthusiasm, love, humor and you have all the ingredients that make this day a special day. Resulting in a special painting you can take home and be hung in a special place. Here you can always draw back joy, strength  and inspiration. I hope to welcome you soon to this special workshop.


Groups of up to maximum 6 people. Costs: €40 per person incl. lunch excl. material package €12,50). Time schedule 10:00 till 16:00hours. Open enrollment.

Private workshop. Costs € 55 incl. coffee and or tea excl. material package €12,50. Time schedule 13:00 till 16.00 hours. By appointment in conslutation.

Together wit friend / girlfriend or familymember. Costs €27,50 per person incl. coffee or tea excl. material package €12,50. By appointment in consultation.