'Can't you do it? Drawing and painting is for everyone!'

 Basic course drawing and painting

This course I specially preparedB for beginners and people who have the feeling they lack basic information/technique. All picture elements such as: line, form, tone, perspective, composition and colour instruction will be treated during the lessons. In this course you will mainly work with a still life as subject to practise different exercises/techniques and material experiments to discover your strongest points.

Follow-up  Class

When you have sufficient basic knowledge, you can extend and deepen your knowledge by choosing one specific material. You can choose for soft pastels or acrylic paint. our subject will be at firts some still lifes, but we will extend the subjects to landscapes as well. From now on we we will pay special attention to everyones individual style and personal progress.

Advanced  Classes

After the continuation course you are ready to follow the advanced cource. There you will work on a individual basis with your own chosen material (soft pastels, acrylic paint, mixed media, watercolour or oil paint on water basis) and subject, to look for and develop your own personal style. Subject can be: animals, city views, model, abstract etc.

Art Appreciation

Art appreciation is an important part of my lessons, because you can learn a lot from the art of others.

Practical information of  Classes

A course block consists of 10 lessons each 2 hrs per week. Of course you also need materials to work with. When you join in a course, I will send you a application form to fill in. On this form you can also fill in what you need and I can order it for you.

Practice makes art! So thats why I will give you homework assignments to practise what you learned during the lessons. When you do your homework I can guarantee that you will achieve remarkable results!

Classes program overview

Will be sheduled later

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